PODCAST: Collective Shout and Talitha Stone take on the virulent misogyny of Tyler, the Creator

Rapper, Tyler, the Creator’s misogynist lyrics have been called “groundbreaking” and “edgy” by some.Defended on account of being “art” or “satire,” fans of the artist and Odd Future, the hip-hop collective he is a part of, are quick to fire back at those who criticize him. Talitha Stone, member of the feminist activist group, Collective ...
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Hey guess what! Not all rap is misogynist – so stop using it as a scapegoat for the mass sexism and misogyny that exists in ALL music genres as well as in society at large!

Man, I am so sick of people who hate rap music talking about how they justcantstand how sexist it is and ohmygodtheswears! You know why you hate hip hop? It’s because you don’t actually listen to it. And when you do it just happens to be the most mainstream of all hip hop and, unfortunately, ...
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