February 12, 2014: Craig Needles speaks with Meghan Murphy on AM980 about male allies, the role and responsibilities of men in feminism, the connections between objectification & violence against women, Glen Canning, BDSM, and Fifty Shades of Grey (listen at 1:10:10).

November 28, 2014: Jon McComb interviews Meghan Murphy about “non-consensual abuse,” Jian Ghomeshi, BDSM, and sexual assault on CKNW News Talk 980.

November 26, 2014: Meghan Murphy appears on CBC’s The Early Edition with host, Rick Cluff, to discuss the Don’t Be That Guy campaign and addressing sexual assault in Whister.

October 2, 2014: Meghan Murphy is interviewed by Adrienne Batra for a Sun News segment on feminism’s “pop culture moment.”

September 19, 2014: Meghan Murphy speaks with Jon McComb about naked sushi and the objectification of women on CKNW.

August 4, 2014: Meghan Murphy is interviewed on Perth IndyMedia Radio Show about the Nordic Model and the abolitionist movement.

July 11, 2014:Meghan Murphy on the question, “Can women have it all?” on Sun News.

April 9, 2014: Meghan Murphy discusses prostitution and the Nordic model with Jerry Agar on Sun News.

April 2014: Charlene Sayo interviews Meghan Murphy for her podcast, MsRepresent — Listen to the episode here: “Meghan Murphy: Feminist Provocateur.”

October 13, 2013: Irwin Oostindie speaks with Meghan Murphy on Media Mornings about Miley Cyrus and the pornification of pop culture.

March 1, 2013: Ernesto Aguilar interviews Meghan Murphy about online feminism, the women’s movement today, and the backlash, for Pacifica Radio.

December 21, 2012: Thom Hartmann interviews Meghan Murphy about masculinity and mass shootings on The Big Picture

October 25, 2012: Meghan Murphy and others comment on Femen’s tactics and the future of feminism on Al Jazeera’s The Stream

Sept 20, 2012: Meghan Murphy and Feminist Current are featured in The Best of Feminist Communities by Michelle Da Silva in The Georgia Straight

July 7, 2012: Meghan Murphy is interviewed for this piece by J. Maureen Henderson on Forbes.com: Is Social Media Destroying Your Self-Esteem?

Spring 2012: Meghan Murphy is featured in the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives’ Spring 2012 edition of Our Schools/Our Selves: Power of Youth: Youth and community-led activism in Canada

December 12, 2011  Meghan Murphy and Trisha Baptie are guests on the show Flip the Script. The topic for discussion is: “Should the political and social Left be organizing to get sex work decriminalized?”

June 19, 2011  Meghan Murphy is interviewed by Ana Martino on Radio One in New Zealand  about feminism and Slutwalk. Listen here:

June 13, 2011  Meghan Murphy is interviewed with Joanne Costello about Slutwalk by Yeah What She Said, women’s radio in Calgary.

June 1, 2011  Discussion on Slutwalk between Meghan Murphy and Slutwalk LA organizers on Feminist Magazine.