Asian Girlz,” a song released by the band “Day Above Ground” has been called the most racist song ever. The lyrics are essentially a list of racist and sexist stereotypes about “feng shui,” “spicy tuna sashimi,” and “creamy yellow thighs” and the video features a sexualized Asian woman, played by Levy Tran, who is shown in various states of undress, dancing around in lingerie, and naked in the bathtub.

Aside from the song being completely and utterly awful, musically, it is unbelievably racist, amounting to a five minute long mockery of Asian people.

AF3IRM — The Association of Filipinas, Feminists Fighting Imperialism, Re-feudalization, and Marginalization — sprang to action and successfully petitioned YouTube to remove the video.

I spoke with Jollene Levid, national chairperson of AF3IRM, about the song and video as well as, more generally, the stereotyping and the fetishization of Asian and Asian American women in the media and in society at large.

Listen to that interview below.