Just a quick note to thankyouthankyou! for voting for Feminist Current as Best Feminism Blog in the Canadian Blog Awards! We won!



Feminist Current only just launched in July 2012 (though I’ve been railing away in the feminist blogosphere since 2010) and I am just so touched by all the support we’ve received from YOU in such a short period of time. I think you all are just marvelous and continue to learn from you every day.

Your comments, contributions and feedback are immeasurable. It makes all the late night dinners of wine and popcorn worth it (Jokes! ‘I’M TOO BUSY TO COOK’ is just another convenient excuse, among many — ‘It’s raining!’ ‘I’m poor!’ ‘It’s Tuesday!’ — to have wine and popcorn for dinner).

Anyway. What I’m trying to say is: *HEART-HEART-SWOON-SNIFF-CRY*


~ mm